The Pragmora Consulting Group is an international network of senior consultants who have decades of experience working with conflict-affected countries and the issues that affect them.

Our analysts come from government, business, academia, and policy think tanks. They have in-country experience in conflict-affected countries and understand the challenges of doing business in regions that are at risk of war, engaged in armed conflict, or in the delicate stage of post-conflict stabilization.

The Group has expertise in diverse areas, including political risk assessment, corporate social responsibility, democratization, ethnic and indigenous relations, land issues, and public policy analysis.  Meet the team


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Senior Analysts

Each of our Senior Analysts has a minimum of 10 years of professional experience in our core areas of work, plus one or more regions of specialization. All our Senior Analysts have had their feet on the ground in a conflict or post-conflict region and conducted in-country research.

Research Associates

Our Research Associates are young professionals who hold a graduate degree or professional degree in a relevant field of study and also have some experience living and/or working in a conflict or post-conflict region. These are the best and brightest of their cohort, and up and coming analysts.

Meet the team



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