Meet Some of Our Consultants


GlenysBabcock2_90sq4Dr. Glenys A. Babcock is President of the Pragmora Consulting Group. For 20+ years Glenys has provided sophisticated research and sound counsel to diverse clients, including the World Bank and RAND Corporation. She has worked in Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South Asia. MORE

Guy Charlton is a lawyer and professor with expertise in indigenous people’s rights related to land claims, natural resources – and a strong interest in the Asia Pacific region. He has taught at universities in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong. Previously, Guy was Counsel for a US Indian Tribe. MORE

Peter Gizewski90x90Peter Gizeski is a civilian Defence Scientist and Strategic Analyst with Canada’s Department of National Defence. He is a specialist in futuring, forecasting and scenario development; threat assessment; population/ environment/ security linkages; and Pakistan/ South Asia. Peter is a prolific writer on security-related issues. MORE

Robert Nalbandov90x90Robert Nalbandov, PhD, is an expert in terrorism, ethnic conflict, and energy security in Eurasia, the former Soviet Union, and the Caucasus. Robert has taught at universities in the US, UK, Russian and Georgia, as was previously Second Secretary in the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His many publications include Terrorism 2.0 in Eurasia. MORE

Loes Weijers2_90x90Loes Weijers is a specialist in international development communications, conflict resolution analysis, and the refugee-aid worker relationship. Her work focuses on Nepal and the DR Congo. Loes has lived and/or worked in Nepal, South Africa, Israel, and Syria, and speaks, in varying degrees, English, Dutch, French, Italian and German.

Guelord4F-90x90Guelord Mbaenda works in eastern DR Congo on a range of peacebuilding issues, including reintegration of former child soldiers, post-conflict reconstruction, and local acceptance of foreign actors. He holds a BA in Development and  completed Columbia University’s Executive Programme in Non-Profit Management. Guelord speaks Swahili, French and English.

 Tim_Fadgen1-90x90Tim Fadgen, JD, PhD, is a lawyer and political scientist whose interests include mining, labour, and indigenous peoples in the Pacific Region. Tim is a Special Assistant to the Attorney General of  Samoa, and is conducting research on traditional governance institutions in Samoa (as a Fulbright scholar). He previously lectured in Business,  Law and Public Policy at universities in New Zealand.

Brian N Gibson90sqBrian Gibson is the former Dean of Comparative and International Programs at the Columbia University Law School. He is an expert in African customary law, traditional courts, and conflict mediation. Brian was previously Director of African Programs at the Institute of International Education. He has worked in Africa, Egypt and Papua New Guinea. MORE

Jessica Anderson90x90Jessica Anderson is a specialist in forced migration, traditional justice, DDR, social cohesion interventions, and measurement of peacebuilding effectiveness. She has lived and worked extensively in northern Uganda. Jessica holds an M.A. in Forced Migration Studies, and is conversational in French and a beginner in Xhosa.

Bilal Javed90x90Bilal Javed is a Pakistani development professional who manages projects for leading aid agencies (e.g., UNICEF, UNHCR, Asian Development Bank, USAID, and DFID-UK). He has worked on IDP, IDP camp and water supply issues in FATA and KPK regions. Bilal holds an MSc in Agriculture, and certificate in emergency planning (Columbia University).

SalimBinbrek1_90x902Salim Binbrek is a Canadian specialist in food security, youth unemployment, and natural resources issues – as they relate to security and stability. He has worked for policy think tanks in the UK, where he focused on Yemen, Afghanistan, UAE, Brazil and India. Salim holds an M.Sc. in International Development, and is conversant in Arabic and Swahili.

Amna Bakhtiar90x90Amna Bakhtiar is a strong qualitative and quantitative researcher, who specializes in message testing for effective communications with target audiences. Past employers include Goldfarb Intelligence Marketing, and the Assn for Women’s Rights in Development. Amna holds an MBA, and is fluent in Urdu and Pashto.

Raphael Mugabonejo90x90Raphael Mugabonejo works in Uganda, where he has undertaken needs assessments for street children, evaluated factors impacting the enrollment of girls in school, and interned with UNICEF. Raphael holds a Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid; he speaks English, French, Rwandan and Luganda.